The latest express of asphalt online market on Jul

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On July 10, the latest express of asphalt Market

product name, unit price of goods at the location (excluding freight)

70 #90 # asphalt Zibo City, Shandong 3400.00/ton

asphalt felt asphalt Xinle City, Hebei 1.40/kg to 1.50/kg

10 # building waterproof asphalt Zibo City, Shandong 3300.00/ton

plant asphalt Jinan City, Shandong 2400.00/ton

plant asphalt black corner Jinan City, Shandong 2000.00/ton

high quality medium temperature asphalt/spherical asphalt/modified asphalt Gongyi City, Henan 2800.00/ton

modified asphalt Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province 2500.00/ton

epoxy coal tar pitch Tianjin Beichen District 18.00/kg

epoxy zinc rich primer epoxy coal tar pitch Tianjin Beichen District 14.00/kg

1 when any load is applied, No. 0 asphalt Hebei Xinle City 1900.00/ton

hammer paint Epoxy coal asphalt Tianjin 15.00/kg

90 # asphalt Zhejiang Ningbo Zhenhai 3150.00/ton

closed flash point tester for petroleum products Guangdong Shenzhen 2600.00/set

coal asphalt Tianjin 1500.00/ton

hydraulic double shaft mixer Shandong Laizhou 8000.00/set

epoxy resistant paint Tianjin Wuqing District 20.00/kg

asphalt Hebei Hengshui 3000.00/ton


anticorrosive paint Tianjin Tianjin 18.00/kg

metallic paint "Paint fluorocarbon paint fluorocarbon metallic paint analysts believe that Tianjin Tianjin 21.00/kg

waterproof asphalt oil asphalt paint Guangdong Foshan 30.00/piece

asphalt Zhejiang Ningbo 4500.00/ton

asphalt Tianjin 3500/ton

heat expanded steel pipe Hebei Cangzhou 20.00/square meter

epoxy coal asphalt, epoxy coal asphalt paint Guangdong Shenzhen 23.00/kg

epoxy antirust paint epoxy coal asphalt Tianjin Beichen District 15.00/kg

asphalt and concrete mixing plant (building) spiral blade Jiangsu Zhenjiang 42.00/m

anti rutting agent mh901 Shanghai 11000.00/ton

epoxy coal asphalt Shandong Qingdao 12.00/kg

liquid medium temperature asphalt (coal asphalt) Shandong Jinan 1950.00/ton

No. 10 building asphalt Shanghai including sealing strip, skylight, door lock, seat, roof liner Process glue has a great "contribution" to the VOC content of the whole vehicle. Shanghai 3100.00/ton

low fluorescence sulfonated asphalt 3200.00/ton in Xinmi City, Henan Province

refractory 2800.00/ton in Jinan City, Shandong Province

road asphalt 3500.00/ton to 3700.00/ton in Hongwei District, Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province

emulsified asphalt 13800.00/set in Qidong City, Jiangsu Province

low fluorescence sulfonated asphalt 10.00/kg in Huancui District, Weihai City, Shandong Province

Stalin asphalt (asphalt)/car wax, brightener Shandong Linyi 6.50/bottle to 7.00/bottle

medicinal materials Anhui Bozhou 2.00/n/specific subject to negotiation

epoxy coal asphalt Shandong Zibo Zhangdian District 15.00/kg

viscometer Beijing 2860.00/set

insulating asphalt Shandong Zibo 6500.00/ton

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