The hottest methanol xylene explosion in a chemica

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It was reported that at 23:10 on the 12th, toluene, a methanol binary material in the preparation workshop of a chemical plant on Xueyuan Road, Shijiazhuang, caught fire and exploded. The provincial capital fire department sent 10 fire engines to put out the fire for one hour

the firefighters said that when they arrived, the whole preparation workshop was almost engulfed by the fire, and from time to time there was a low explosion. "Some workshops had collapsed at that time, and the fire spread by virtue of the wind. 6. Important equipment of product machinery: it lasted very fast." Firefighters used A-class foam water gun to cool and extinguish the fire inside the workshop at the west gate of the preparation workshop. After more than half an hour, the fire was completely controlled

at present, the cause of the fire is still under further investigation, and no casualties were caused by the fire

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