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Metro Group and Baodian System Co., Ltd. jointly expand the RFID system

Baodian System Co., Ltd. is a major manufacturer and distributor of anti-theft solutions for retail enterprises, and recently decided to participate in the tag it easy of Metro Group! Quality circular polymers) and Suez, a waste management expert, signed the expansion plan of the test based on the results of cooperation. In the second phase of the implementation of the plan, another 70 consumer goods suppliers from China and Vietnam will use RFID tags on the goods delivered to the German factory of Metro Group

Tag It Easy! It is part of the advanced logistics Asia (ALA) plan of Metro Group. Through this plan, Metro group cooperates with Asian suppliers to promote the use of wireless radio industry as the carrier of employment to track goods in the supply chain

Dr. gerdwolfram, managing director of Information Technology Department of Metro Group, said: our tag it easy! RFID solution is a major breakthrough, through which suppliers and retailers can benefit from each other at the same time

the RFID tag provided by the insurance point company stores the cargo container serial number capture device: the electromagnet automatically captures the bar code, referred to as SSCC. In the supply chain from Hong Kong to enna, Germany, readers are installed at different locations to read SSCC data. Metro Group can receive the electronic delivery note showing the contents of the container in advance before the arrival of the goods. Suppliers can also be issued with automatic delivery certificates and order RFID smart tags through Metro link, the company's global supplier platform

Metro Group has uniformly used the second generation label of UHF electronic product coding in this plan. So far, the reading rate of the label has reached the early expected goal of Metro Group

in may, 2007, the first phase of the expansion plan of simple goods label test started, with 30 Chinese suppliers participating in the implementation of the plan. The second phase began in early november2007. It is expected that the first batch of labeled goods will be delivered to Germany in december2007. Subsequently, Metro Group will conduct a three-month evaluation to study the areas where the plan needs to be improved

Mr. George off pointed out that Metro Group will continue to guide the development of RFID technology in the supply chain through the detection of leaf springs. Tag It Easy! The success of the project and the implementation of the expansion plan in the second phase have proved the determination of Metro Group to develop technology, improve the transparency of the supply chain and improve customer service through RFID tags. We look forward to working with Metro Group to continue to extend the RFID program to the rest of its supply chain

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