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The capital airport line of Beijing Metro, which has been in operation for 12 years, will be extended to Beixinqiao in the west next year. Recently, the renovation of the capital airport line of Beijing Metro has been completed. The decoration style of the station has added "Beijing elements", the toilet has been completely renovated, and mother and baby rooms have been added. Beijing Youth Daily learned that by the end of next year, the capital airport line of the subway will be extended to Beixinqiao station in the West. Meanwhile, Dongzhimen station will synchronously land the baggage check-in system to facilitate passengers' travel

Beijing Metro capital airport line was opened in 2008. It has been in operation for 12 years now, and the station environment has become slightly obsolete. In order to improve the overall service quality and create a more comfortable waiting environment, the Metro capital airport reaction has recently solved the problem of special color effect in terms of strength. Over the years, the field line has successively completed the transformation of the overall station environment, the renewal of staff uniforms and the "toilet revolution" to meet every passenger with a new look

according to zhangyonghui, deputy manager of Beijing Metro, the capital airport line recently invited the Central Academy of fine arts to re plan and design the wall decoration of Dongzhimen station. On the basis of retaining the original traditional paper kite theme of old Beijing, it integrates landmark architectural elements such as the Great Wall, the temple of heaven and the bird's nest, organically combines traditional culture with rail transit, re creates the image of "the front line of the country", and shows the characteristic cultural heritage of old Beijing

in addition to the transformation of the environment, the capital airport line has also recently updated the staff clothing. The overall clothing of the station attendant is still blue, and the speed line design is added to highlight the visual effect of efficiency and speed. At the same time, interphone and recorder buckle are set to facilitate equipment carrying and further enhance the overall image of station staff

therefore, the subway toilet will be upgraded. The new bathroom has added a mother and baby room, and set up rest seats, baby placement area, diaper table, etc. to facilitate women's breast-feeding. In terms of meeting the needs of passengers, 50% of the toilet seats in the women's toilet of Dongzhimen station have been added. The disabled toilet readjusts the layout of hardware facilities to make the wheelchair steering adjustment space more spacious, and adds a push-button offline help system. When encountering difficulties, you can ask for the help of staff with one click, so as to maximize the convenience for special groups

in terms of service hardware facilities, a new hand washing basin is added in the men's and women's toilets of Sanyuanqiao station to facilitate the health needs of passengers under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control. In addition, by installing sensors, passengers can view the occupancy of toilet seats and indoor temperature and humidity in real time in the intelligent display screen at the door of the toilet, which is convenient for reasonable selection

in addition to the transformation of hardware facilities, there will be new construction plans for the airport line next year. Zhangyonghui introduced that the airport line of the subway will be extended to Beixinqiao station in the west, which is expected to open at the end of next year. Meanwhile, Dongzhimen station will synchronize the landing baggage check-in system to facilitate passengers' travel

it is reported that at that time, the Metro Company will transform the existing vehicles on the airport line, add some luggage space in the existing carriage with lignin/polyurethane (PU), and the luggage will be checked to the airport with the vehicle


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