How to choose an elegant range hood in an open kit

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Open kitchen has become a popular fashion of modern home decoration, and the response to lampblack in open kitchen has become an urgent problem for families today. Many enterprises are committed to exploring the perfect solution to the response of open kitchen lampblack. Please go with the Xiaobian of China Cabinet network

the traditional range hood can't cope with the lampblack.

the response of open kitchen lampblack can't be without a range hood. At present, the most common in the market is the traditional range hood, mainly referring to European and Chinese (or deep cover) range hood. Why can't traditional range hood keep up with the requirements of modern open kitchen? The reason is that the original design principle of the traditional range hood was mainly derived from western countries with "light food and less lampblack", which is not suitable for the response to lampblack in open kitchens

from the actual use effect, the traditional range hood is of ceiling type installation structure, the distance between the suction outlet and the stove is more than 750mm, and the installation position is too high, resulting in insufficient suction. Only about 75% of the oil smoke is pumped away, and the remaining 25% of the oil smoke is diffused into the kitchen. Traditional range hoods generally use Oil Strainers to filter oil fume, and the purification capacity of oil fume is less than 70%. A large amount of oil dirt is adsorbed on the inner wall of the body, motor and wind wheel. After long-term use, the power is significantly reduced, resulting in the increasingly poor ability of oil fume absorption, which is not suitable for the response to oil fume in open kitchens

the close suction range hood is close to the response to the oil smoke in the open kitchen

the close suction range hood is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese people, which fundamentally subverts the design idea of the traditional range hood. It adopts the side installation and close air suction method, thus greatly improving the effect of the range hood to extract oil smoke. According to the sales volume of range hoods in 2009, the market share of close suction range hoods has exceeded 40%. In particular, some major brands have set foot in the market of close suction range hoods, which has further boosted the consumption demand of close suction range hoods and is also one of the solutions to the lampblack in open kitchens

it needs to be recognized that although the close suction range hood can meet the response of some open kitchen lampblack, at present, the vast majority of brands of close suction range hoods only work on the appearance and modeling, ignoring the functional nature of the smoking machine and the intimate needs of the family "cooking women"

at present, most of the near suction range hoods of large and small brands produced in Guangdong and Zhejiang on the market do not have oil fume separators, and there are many serious problems. The range hood is not equipped with an oil fume separator, which seriously violates the functional essence of the range hood and is not suitable for dealing with the oil fume in open kitchen. The function of the lampblack separator is to effectively separate the oil, oil and gas in the lampblack, so as to ensure that there is no oil inside the body, and the clean air is discharged outside

the perfect solution for dealing with oil fume in open kitchen

the response to oil fume in open kitchen needs to find the answer from the concerns of "cooking women" in the family. The response to oil fume in open kitchen is summarized into three elements: cleaner smoking, more convenient cleaning and safer use





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