With nordun future star telephone watch, I'm happy

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With nordun future star telephone watch, I am happy this summer vacation, and my mother is relieved

summer vacation is coming. Parents have to go to work. What about children? Headache: it's too boring to leave it to the old man at home; Last summer vacation interest class, "vacation" became "semester"; Let him (her) go out to play, don't worry...

Xiaode believes that it's better for children to have a relaxed summer vacation. Having a full and meaningful summer vacation in happy, burden free play is what we parents most want to give our children. This summer vacation, Xiaode recommends nordun future star smart phone watch to you, which can keep abreast of children's trends in real time, and you don't have to worry about children running around any more

today, with the proliferation of adult wearable devices, many appearance clones, function replications, and data confusion. Smart watches and bracelets that look high-end but are actually chicken ribs are constantly filling everyone's eyes and refreshing the lower limit; Although the so-called most dazzling technology fashion trend has also begun to spread in the children's smart watch market at present, I believe that any parent who knows his way deeply expects to leave his or her child a healthy, safe and reliable pure land, and his or her childhood can and needs to feel the protection brought by technology, but the premise must be a good product that parents and children can trust

in fact, everyone must be familiar with children's smart watches. TV advertisements, circle of friends communication, communication market distribution, campus advertisements, online media... It's hard to know if you don't know the overwhelming bombardment, but in the middle of this, you can never forget your original intention, and only a few manufacturers insist on focusing on improving the competitiveness of the perfect brand. Among the qualified or qualified regular brands Xiaode is familiar with, Nordun bears the brunt. What Xiaode brings to you this time is the 4th generation smart children's watch of nordun future star

"product appearance"

compared with similar smart children's watches, the biggest advantage of the fourth generation nordun future star smart children's watches is that in addition to the hardware design, the supporting software system has been very stable and complete after several upgrades, which is also the technical support strength and follow-up service attitude that a brand enterprise must have

"function analysis"

"parents' concern for children's safety is the main reason why telephone watches are popular. In addition to the positioning function, telephone watches can also be set to prohibit use in class, which will not distract children, but also allow parents to understand their children's location and communicate in real time, which is urgently needed by many parents." Ms. Su from Guangxi said

Xiaode learned that the telephone watches on the market now are similar, but they have two main functions: positioning and calling. The 4th generation nordun future star children's smart phone watch, with gps+lbs dual positioning, can receive and make calls like mobile phones, so as to achieve all-round parent-child communication. SOS one click call, voice monitoring, love reward and other functions are also available. In addition, there are health management, electronic safety fence, non disturbing time, alarm clock, etc

parents' concerns about the safety of their children have always existed. The birth of children's telephone watch provides a strong guarantee for children. Now it is widely used by students in lower grades

"warm tips"

"wearing display"

the more lively and childlike appearance color matching, coupled with a more comfortable skin fitting wearing feeling, can really easily capture the hearts of children and make children willing to wear it for a long time

if the current competition for children's watches has entered a white hot level, it is not bad for manufacturers to compete with each other. After all, the survival of the fittest is in line with the operation law of the capital market. Of course, it is also a major benefit for consumer families. Intelligent wear is also a sunrise industry. Although it has developed rapidly in the past two years, there are still many aspects that can be explored in the future. Let's feel the trend of technology leading the future

◆ ◆ new launch

color screen


1.0 "two-way call, LBS positioning, voice micro chat, receiving SMS, one click for help, one click listening, pedometer, alarm clock and other functions

monochrome silicone strap


1.0" color screen

two-way call, gps+lbs+a-gps triple positioning, voice micro chat, receiving SMS, one click for help rescue, one click listening, electronic fence, anti falling alarm, pedometer, alarm clock Functions such as touching and making friends

monochrome silicone strap


1.22 "IPS touch color screen

two way call, gps+lbs+a-gps+wifi quadruple positioning, voice micro chat, receiving text messages, one key for help, one key listening, electronic fence, anti drop alarm, pedometer, alarm clock, touching and making friends and other functions

two color silicone strap

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