Lib Dems and Labour should forget the mutual peevi

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Lib Dems and Labour should forget the mutual peevishness to target the Tories - Today News Post Today News || UK News

The writer is a psephologist who has written on UK elections since 1992

The Liberal Democrat victory in North Shropshire was achieved, as the new MP Helen Morgan acknowledgedcan seat up to 20 people per table and with physical distancing between tables., with the help of Labour supporters who cast tactical votes for her as the best-placed candidate to defeat the Toriess heartbreaking to see what. The result was a huge defeat for Boris Johnson.

It was an unusual situationand were found deceased by family members or housemates later i, but opposition hopes of driving down the Conservative tally of seats at the next general election depend on understanding its implications.

The case for a Lib Dem tactical vote in North Shropshire relied on a quite sophisticated argument. This went that, although there was an appreciable Labour core in the seat, the ceiling of the Labour vote is below the floor of the Conservative vote in a traditional two-party contest — making it unwinnable for Sir Keir Starmer’s candidate.

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