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On October 15, on the third day of the agenda of the 2016 yunqi conference, the enterprise service special event hosted by yifangyun, an enterprise document management expert, overturned the tradition, and the practice of SaaS in large and medium-sized enterprises was carried out as scheduled in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. Well known SaaS manufacturers, domestic well-known enterprises and investors such as Yifang cloud, Beisen, sales easy and growing IO comprehensively interpret the changes and improvements brought by SaaS to medium and large enterprises. At the same time, the strategic cooperation between Yifang cloud and Alibaba cloud was released on site

in recent years, the development of SaaS in China is in full swing. Both the enthusiasm of the capital market and SaaS entrepreneurship are very popular. SaaS is gradually maturing after market verification in recent years. But generally speaking, the threshold for SaaS to enter large and medium-sized enterprises is still high. In this special session of yunqi conference, Cheng Yuan, CEO of Yifang cloud, Jason Wu, senior director of Alibaba cloud, Ji Weiguo, CEO of Beisen, Deng Xiang, COO of sales, Zhang Ximeng, CEO of growingio, Xiong Fei, vice president of Jingwei China, and other well-known SaaS manufacturers, as well as domestic well-known enterprises and investors gathered to discuss the development trend, business value, solutions It comprehensively interprets the changes and improvements brought by SaaS to medium and large-scale enterprises from the perspective of service assurance, and helps medium and large-scale enterprise informatization change from traditional mode to SaaS mode in the Internet era

as a new leader in the field of domestic enterprise file management, Yifang cloud has always chosen Alibaba cloud, which is the world's leading, safe and stable, for underlying data storage. China is still in the stage of in-depth development and backup of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. On the day of the meeting, the two sides officially released the strategic cooperation, which will include more levels of products, technology, commerce and so on:

product level, Yifang cloud provides a complete set of file management services for customers using Alibaba cloud OSS storage, including multi-level file permissions, preview of hundreds of file formats, file version management, multi terminal file synchronization, large file transmission, etc. too fast or too slow will lead to different results

at the technical level, Yifang cloud will integrate Alibaba cloud's most cutting-edge technologies into its products in terms of data intelligence and data security, so as to provide enterprise customers with more product value. It will also cooperate with Alibaba cloud to build PAAS services for enterprise file management

at the business level, Yifang cloud also carries out joint business expansion with Alibaba cloud, and completes the digitalization of enterprise assets with Alibaba cloud and Alibaba cloud's ecological partners in large-scale enterprise applications

at the event site, Cheng Yuan, CEO of Yifang cloud, was invited to share the experience of Yifang cloud platform in providing documents for large and medium-sized enterprises. The demand for lightweight and robust components is increasing, and the experience of managing and collaborating cloud services. With the technical standards of the Silicon Valley team serving the world's top 500 and the highest level of security assurance in the industry, yifangyun has successfully provided services to large enterprises such as Longhu real estate, Tairan group, Senma and colleges and universities such as Zhejiang University

on the same day, Yifang cloud officially released hybrid cloud products to better meet the needs of large enterprises for data storage diversity, and break the defects of traditional private cloud, such as long development cycle, difficult update, high deployment cost, which will greatly improve the acceptance of SaaS products by large and medium-sized enterprises, so that they can enjoy more cloud service value:

1, the core data of the enterprise is 100% controllable, and the internal extremely fast transmission is realized

2. Give enterprises the greatest storage flexibility, choose between private and public storage, and Yifang cloud supports interoperability between private and public storage

3. Utilize the public cloud computing platform of Yifang cloud to maximize the value of enterprise data, including preview, search, synchronization, global acceleration, security protection and other capabilities

in addition to hybrid cloud, Cheng Yuan introduced more key customer success strategies of Yifang cloud. After file management 1.0 FTP, File Management 2.0 traditional document management and File Management 3.0 enterprise disk, Yifang cloud is a truly successful enterprise cloud file management product for customers. For the future trend of enterprise document management, Cheng Yuan's answer is: easy to use, improved production efficiency, safe, open and intelligent

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