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Yihang communication will participate in the 2014 China call center and enterprise communication conference

registration for the 2014 China call center and enterprise communication conference

meeting time: March, 2014

meeting place: Beijing Liaoning Building

are you still worried about what kind of relationship you choose relative to the large growth in 2012

inherit the classic, take the lead, and find him in the public. Qianbaidu, Yihang VoIP pass, is here

voip off

1 Description

voip gateway is a complete product developed based on Yihang isx series switches. This gateway is a node device between PSTN and ims/ngn, which realizes the interconnection of two communication domains; Based on isx series switches, the device can be easily configured into systems of different sizes, such as 4e1/8e1/16e1/32e1/64e1. Yihang's VoIP customs equipment has two main components: isx switch and server software; The server software is independently developed by Yihang and can be customized into related applications with various special needs

2. Apply

voip Access Transformation: insert it between the customer's PSTN based business system and the operator, convert the operator's IP access to PSTN, and keep the deployment mode and business mode of the customer's business system unchanged

access to soft switch service system: many value-added service integrators have converted the service platform from binding hardware to soft switch based as the center, and only when it is necessary to access the relay or analog phone, they use the switch as the access

traffic operation and transfer system: with the powerful routing and billing functions of Yihang VoIP, it can complete the functions of traffic collection, wholesale, transfer and landing independently or in cooperation with soft switch

3. Features

interface parameters:

Digital Relay: 8e1/t1/j1~64e1/t1/j1

optical relay: stm-1/63e1

IP interface: 100m/1000m

relay groups and routing parameters:

maximum number of relay groups: unlimited

maximum number of routes: unlimited

appearance size:

19 inch rack mount

the following is an integrated device

16ee1 is 1U device plus server mode, Total 2U height

encoding and decoding:

digital relay side: alaw/ulaw automatic switching

voip side: G.711, g.726/7, g.729a/b, G.723.1, GSM, iLBC, gsm-fr, gsm-efr, amr-nb,

amr-wb, EVRC, EVRC - that is, an important part of strategic emerging industries B; (g.722, G.722.1, AMR-WB, EVRC new video daughter board support)

echo cancellation:

g.168: maximum 128ms


T.38, passthrough

DTMF features:

RFC 2833, in band, SIP info

4 Block diagram

VoIP Access Transformation

access of soft switch service system

traffic operation and transfer system

5 Ability

metal tensile testing machine, as its name suggests, is the equipment for routine mechanical property testing of metal materials or composites

access ability:

number of relays: maximum 64e1

number of VOIPs: maximum 2000 channels

signaling ability:

SIP call ability: 200calls/s

SS7/ISUP ability: 100calls/s

I1 some doubts, fanhuang Lost sdn-pri capability: 100calls/s

signaling support type:

PSTN side: isdn-pri; Ss7/mtp2/mtp3/isup/tup

voip side: SIP, bicc

voip transmission protocol:

rtp/udp:rfc 3550/rfc 3551



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