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Yili was approved as the only dairy enterprise on the list for the national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project. Chinanews, September 1 (Xinhua) -- in order to promote the construction of a manufacturing power and implement made in China 2025, the Ministry of industry and information technology decided to implement the special action of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration from 2015. Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects in 2015. A total of 46 projects were shortlisted nationwide. Yili Group became the only dairy enterprise on the list with the pilot demonstration project of intelligent factory for dairy production. Industry experts said that intelligent manufacturing will make production more efficient, quality more guaranteed and products more competitive. Yili will continue to lead China's dairy industry and boost the transformation and upgrading process of China's dairy industry

many leading advantages have made Yili intelligent manufacturing

as a leading enterprise in the dairy industry, Yili closely follows the development trend of the new generation of information technology and takes the lead in the construction and innovation of building digital and intelligent factories. In order to realize intelligent management, Yili is committed to building intelligent projects covering all links of product research and development, production and manufacturing, quality control and terminal sales. At present, it has built and successfully operated a series of intelligent systems, such as enterprise resource planning management system (ERP), milk powder CRM system, DCS system, master data system, raw milk control platform, cold drink logistics monitoring platform, liquid milk CRM system, product quality traceability, etc

Yili intelligent manufacturing project has obvious progressiveness advantages. In terms of equipment and facilities, automatic production lines with the world's most cutting-edge high-end technology and high added value and technical content are adopted. In terms of process technology, raw and auxiliary materials receiving, production process, risk management, warehousing and other technologies are at the domestic or international leading level. In terms of management, the world's most advanced management methods, system maintenance system and standardized operation control system are adopted or used for reference. For example, in 2014, Yili joined hands with SGS (Swiss general notary), LRQA (Lloyd's Quality Certification Co., Ltd.) and Intertek (Intertek group) to build a global quality management system, so that the perfect process and strict testing reached the international advanced level

at present, Yili cannon has continuously listened to the requirements of users, quickly copied and promoted the successful experience of building digital and intelligent chemical plants throughout the group, and applied it to the globalization strategy. Yili Group said that building the intelligence of the whole group in the whole dairy industry chain and building a more transparent, efficient and agile intelligent factory and product service system is an important guarantee of Yili's brand value and an important commitment to consumers

such a smart factory is only one step away from consumers. For a long time, Yili Group has continued to promote the China transparent factory plan, and sincerely invites friends from all walks of life to visit Yili factory, have all-round zero distance contact with the factory, and witness the production process of Yili's high-quality milk with the most real experience

innovation is the core driving force for building smart factories

Yili firmly believes that there is no innovation and no future, and insists on making innovation an enterprise attitude. Based on this concept, Yili continues to promote intelligent innovation, R & D and innovation. It is necessary to establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards of plastic granulator equipment, and patent innovation. By the end of 2014, Yili had accumulated 1682 patents, ranking first in the domestic dairy industry with absolute advantages, laying the foundation for intelligent innovation. Through intelligent innovation, Yili's high-tech and high value-added products have accounted for as much as 40%

intelligent innovation makes Yili's quality traceability system more systematic and efficient. From recording the birth of cows to the first milking, Yili has realized the comprehensiveness, timeliness and informatization of product information traceability through GPS tracking of raw milk transportation vehicles, coding of raw milk incoming information, information tracking of production and testing process, electronic information recording system of key links, integrated system of quality management information and ERP system covering the whole country

it is also based on Intelligent innovation. Many years ago, Yili selected seven cities as breast milk sampling cities. It took many years to establish a valuable database including breast milk collection, detection and analysis, forming a valuable database reflecting the characteristics of Chinese breast milk ingredients, realizing product analysis and research and development based on consumer big data, and fundamentally improving the means of product design. Jinlingguan series infant formula milk powder is the successful work of Yili Group in applying the research results of breast milk database. The successful listing of this product marks an important step towards the practical application of the research results of breast milk

the circuit board expert who destroyed the universal material testing machine in the industry believes that Yili's continuous exploration and practice in the field of intelligent manufacturing will greatly promote the whole industry. Yili, as a well-known brand in the domestic dairy industry, has an intelligent steel structure testing project: high-strength bolt testing project (the products produced by high-strength bolt torque coefficient or pretension test will be more able to withstand the market test. At the same time, it will also set a new standard and model for the construction of dairy intelligent factories. Yili will once again lead its peers and enjoy global reputation. (China Singapore Life Channel)

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