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Yifumen 3D TOF camera will be unveiled at the 2019 world robot Expo

the 2019 world robot Expo will be composed of industrial robots, service robots, special robots, intelligent logistics robots and other parts, and will focus on displaying the latest scientific research achievements, application products and solutions in the world robot field, providing an international industrial exchange platform for China's robot industry

yifumen also actively participated in such a grand event. Our 3D TOF camera provides robots with the opportunity to re understand this three-dimensional world and helps the development of the "machine" human industry

WRC 2019 invites you to attend the

Exhibition: 2019 world robot Expo

time: August, 2019

location: Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 6, Rongchang East Street, Yizhuang)

yifumen booth: Booth 406 in hall a

this can reduce the scrap rate and achieve real returns

the pointer runs without stagnation and jitter. A list of highlights

in the upcoming 2019 world robot conference, Yifu door will bring innovative technology: 3D TOF camera

IFM 3D TOF series camera products can provide industrial level reliability support for various scenes, such as map construction, target recognition and positioning, target size measurement, obstacle detection, stacking/destacking height detection, etc. In particular, this series of products have good compatibility with low-temperature scenes, which greatly improves the viability of robots in low-temperature environments

ifm 32. Precautions for the use of cold and hot shock experimental machine D TOF intelligent sensor integrates some perfect algorithms for specific application scenarios. Including target integrity detection, regular target size measurement, irregular target volume/distance/liquid level detection, robot assembly line target automatic recognition and grabbing, robot automatic destacking, unmanned forklift pallet automatic recognition and positioning and other applications, to provide your factory with a higher level of industrial automation efficiency

welcome to visit yifumen booth at booth 406 of hall a at that time. There are also exquisite gifts on site

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