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Singing all the way, the Weilun seminar Foshan station ended perfectly

August 26, Foshan, Guangdong. Running through North China, central China, East China and South China, the 2008 veylon seminar national tour Foshan station was held in Foshan Hotel, a five-star hotel. More than 100 users of Weilun touch screen from Guangzhou, Foshan and other surrounding cities, representatives of dealers in the South China market of Weilun touch screen, as well as Liu Yihua, chairman and Liu Liansheng, deputy director of Guangdong automation society, jointly participated in the grand meeting

first of all, special guests of the Weilun seminar will focus on the development of special fibers based on thermoplastic polyimide (PI) engineering plastic resin, heteronaphthalene biphenyl polyethersulfone ketone copolymer resin (PPESK), processing and molding of high-end fluoroplastics, filter materials, high-temperature functional membranes, high-performance resin matrix composites, high-temperature insulation materials, high-temperature functional coatings High temperature resistant special adhesive Chairman Liu of Guangdong automation society stepped on the rostrum and made a wonderful report on the development of domestic industrial control automation industry, cutting-edge technology and development trends in the touch screen field. As an excellent model of independent innovation in national industry, the scientific and technological research and development advantages of Weilun touch screen, Weilun technology has made great contributions to the revitalization of national industry, especially to the development of automation industry in South China

then, Ms. furan, business director of Weilun technology in South China, made a brief introduction to the recent application of Weilun touch screen in key industries and representative engineering projects; Mr. Wang Zhenying, the manager of South China region of Weilun technology, shared with you the growth process of Weilun technology. The successful application of vellon touch screen in the construction of Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway, the construction of "three concept exhibition centers of the Olympic Village - micro energy consumption kindergarten" and the construction of the Olympic Forest Park are vivid cases of the three Beijing Olympic construction projects, which attracted bursts of applause from guests and dealer representatives

then, the director and engineer of the Technology Department of Weilun made a simple explanation on the development of Weilun touch screen, product line layout, hardware structure and software function of the product; And through the 8000 Series touch screen function display frame specially designed and made by Weilun technology for the seminar, the convenient control performance of the Weilun touch screen, which is connected with US277 UPVC building drainage pipe fire ring B mouse/keyboard/printer, and the high-end functions of the Weilun touch screen, such as remote real-time monitoring, remote printing, penetration communication, through Ethernet port, are demonstrated on site, Let our customers experience the superb function of mt8000 series

finally, the award-winning competition and lottery won the active participation of the guests, pushing the atmosphere of the seminar to a climax. Only by taking the lead in science and technology can the Olympic Games show its grandeur; Communication can win the industrial control community. The victory of the Weilun seminar South China tour Foshan station has made our customers fully experience the unparalleled technological charm of Weilun products. China will establish a rapid passenger transport channel between provincial capitals and large and medium-sized cities. Weilun technology will also continue to adhere to the principle of communication, provide more opportunities for touch screen users in South China market, and make more contributions to the progress of industrial control automation industry and the development of national industry in South China

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