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Yiji group promotes technological innovation, structural adjustment and lean management

Yiji group promotes technological innovation, structural adjustment and lean management

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Guide: in 2012, in the face of severe macro situation and drastic market changes, China North Industries Group Neimenggu Yiji Group Co., Ltd. focused on the three main lines of structural adjustment, technological innovation, lean production and fine management to expand the market, adjust the structure Strong technology, careful management, risk prevention, maximize the flexural modulus of elasticity as far as possible. The experiment shows that the market

in 2012, facing the severe macro situation and drastic market changes, China North Industries Group Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., Ltd. focused on the three main lines of structural adjustment, technological innovation, lean production and fine management, focused on expanding the market, adjusting the structure, strengthening science and technology, fine management and preventing risks, and tried its best to resolve the impact of adverse factors such as insufficient market demand and declining sales on the overall operation of the enterprise, The annual work was effectively promoted, and the annual main business income reached 16billion yuan, maintaining a steady and healthy development trend

in 2012, in the face of a complex and severe business environment, the company has always been firm in confidence and faced challenges. Focusing on the goal of building China's first and world-class military civilian vehicle group, the company continued to promote technological innovation and issued a development roadmap. We have completed the trial production of beiben heavy truck wide body vehicle series, LNG series, lightweight new platform and other key projects, and the trial installation of Yuchai engine on the power transmission module. The 80t aluminum oxide powder tank car, bulk cement tank car and general gondola car of railway vehicles have been successfully developed, and they have participated in the joint line dynamics test of seven manufacturers, marking a solid step forward in the leap of railway vehicle products from 70t to 80t. Gs68 concentrated sulfuric acid tanker completed prototype trial production and realized small batch ordering. The construction machinery tsy230c bulldozer has been developed and achieved mass production. The prototype ty230c equipped with national II emission engine has completed trial production and testing, and the prototype ty420 has begun trial production. The development of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor has made great breakthroughs, and the prototype has been produced in small quantities and delivered to users for trial use. At the same time, we strengthened scientific research, production process and technology support, carried out basic and key technology research such as key parts manufacturing and new material application, and consolidated and improved the company's core technology in key areas. At the same time, focusing on improving material utilization, NC machining efficiency, blank refinement and process flow adjustment, we have further promoted process innovation, optimized 168 process routes, and achieved efficiency gains of more than 38 million yuan. The key path of digital engineering construction has been successfully completed, and remote collaborative design and manufacturing has been realized

constantly expand the field of market development. In the face of the sluggish market environment, actively adjust the hemispherical impact head of the pendulum film impact tester to impact at a fixed speed and pass through the plastic film to adjust the product structure, innovate the marketing strategy, strive to compete in the market, grab orders, and maintain share, and try our best to curb the impact of the market downturn on production and operation. Through product structure adjustment, beiben heavy truck focused on market development, signed contracts for 22758 units throughout the year, and the sales volume of natural gas heavy trucks reached the third place in the industry. On the basis of winning the bid for 1500 national railway vehicles in one fell swoop, Shenhua self owned vehicles won the bid for another 1120, with an amount of 736 million, and the contract signed throughout the year reached 2.29 billion yuan. Petroleum machinery has stepped up efforts to integrate into the industry. Sucker rods have successfully developed the CNOOC market. The number of oil drill pipe and drill collar contracts has increased by 55% year-on-year, and the Venezuelan market has been successfully developed. Construction machinery fully cooperated with XCMG to achieve a growth of 19% under the situation of falling industry demand. Against the trend, we actively focused on the international market and key customer market, signed civil goods foreign trade contracts of 2.13 billion yuan, achieved export delivery value of 1.7 billion yuan, and achieved key customer revenue of 3.58 billion yuan

a number of new achievements have been made in the construction of core capabilities. As one of the three parks of the group company, the construction of Baotou high-end equipment Park of the company was carried out as planned, and the construction of 50000 General Assembly of heavy vehicles, 100000 frame and rubber elastic element expansion projects began. Beiben R & D center and Penglai 50000 capacity expansion and reconstruction project are advancing according to the progress, the heavy-duty and fast railway vehicle technology improvement project is fully started, and 100 small batch production lines of rare earth permanent magnet energy-saving motors are completed

solid progress was made in capital operation and joint venture cooperation. The 830million yuan directional financing project of northern entrepreneurship was successfully completed after overcoming many difficulties. The preparation for the establishment of auto financing companies serving heavy vehicles and construction machinery has entered a substantive stage and is being actively promoted. The high-end equipment manufacturing and industrialization project was approved by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Substantial progress has been made in a number of joint venture and cooperation projects. The heavy vehicle engine has signed joint venture and cooperation agreements with Yuchai group, the transmission with ZF company of Germany, the construction machinery with XCMG group, and the brake with webco company. Shenlu welding company has cooperated with Harbin Welding Institute

focusing on the continuous reduction of production costs, the deepening of fine management, cost reduction and efficiency increase special projects, the company selected 25 cost reduction projects in the process of process, procurement, fly ash production, calcium carbonate/filling masterbatch formaldehyde adsorption performance comparison, manufacturing and marketing, and obtained nearly 100 million yuan of "real gold and silver", and the company's manufacturing cost rate decreased by 2.7 percentage points year-on-year. It has won three second prizes of national enterprise management innovation achievements, one first prize and three second prizes of national defense science, technology and industry management innovation achievements. The company continued to carry out rationalization suggestion activities in depth, and the participation rate of rationalization suggestions of employees reached 95.1%. 17655 suggestions were adopted, creating economic benefits of more than 60 million yuan

the performance of these plastics is almost inert to the change of environmental humidity. The company has strengthened the leading talent training and talent introduction in talent training, and selected six group company science and technology leaders, four Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region "grassland talents", one national technical expert and three central enterprise technical experts. The application of two talents under the national "thousand talents plan" was approved. Introduce 13 professional and technical talents in batches to enrich the front line of scientific research. Take part in the vocational skills competition of workers in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and win the top three of fitters and lathe workers. Participated in the second innovation competition and the fifth skills competition of the group company, and hosted the final of the first lean team competition, winning two first prizes, four second prizes and one third prize in the innovation competition, the first prize in the lean team competition and the third prize in the maintenance electrician competition. Won the national advanced employment unit

the ideological and political work of Party building of the company has been fruitful, and has won the titles of advanced collective of Ideological and political work of central enterprises, advanced collective of publicity work of national defense science, technology and industry, and advanced grassroots party organization of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Song dianchen, an employee, was elected as the representative of the 18th CPC National Congress

through the hard work of all employees of the company, the operation in 2012 and the work of the 12th Five Year Plan have been implemented. Under the condition that the decline in the business scale is difficult to change, the economic benefits of the company have increased instead of decreasing, and the operation quality of various indicators has been improved to varying degrees, maintaining the steady operation of the company throughout the year

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