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Yiji Group actively develops the civil product market through a series of measures

Yiji Group actively develops the civil product market through a series of measures

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as a military civilian integration enterprise, China Ordnance Industry Group Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., Ltd., although military products maintain a good growth trend, the development of civil products business is uneven, and some civil products have declined sharply. From January to April, Civil products only signed contracts of 2.49 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 21.7%. The number of civil products market orders has become the key to whether the current business tasks can be completed

the leaders of the company timely adjust measures, strive to fight for the market, maintain share and control risks in the civil products market, take precautions, enhance the sense of urgency and crisis of business development, stimulate the positive energy of all employees, strengthen the confidence and determination to overcome difficulties and rise against the trend, and establish the idea that confidence is more important than gold. In the new round of development and reform, we should be normal Add "we are discussing the strategic confidence of the European market, strengthening our concentration, seeking development, fighting against the trend to expand the market and seize new competitive advantages.

eyes open to the outside world to expand our territory and entrepreneurial achievements

for" the military is strong and the people are weak "and" arms and people are ice " Around the key points, difficulties and shortcomings, a series of targeted measures have been formulated and implemented. Take the development of civil products market as the main focus of the current work, and take market competition and order grabbing as the most important work and the number one task. The system of contact points between headquarters leaders and civil products units has been established. Each headquarters leader has the ability to experiment and the speed of experiment. At the same time, it shows the civil products units, helping the civil products units to expand the market and coordinate to solve the existing difficulties and problems; Strengthen the expansion of foreign trade; Make full use of the strategic cooperation platform and influence of the group company with relevant central enterprises and local governments, and strive to promote the transformation of strategic cooperation agreements into product orders

in the foreign trade market, the company continues to take "competing for market, order and share" as the main business line, continuously visits key customers, partners and target markets, and seeks advantageous partners and advantageous product resources through multiple channels to achieve win-win results

-- consolidate the traditional market. Through continuous visits to foreign key target markets and important customers, strengthen after-sales service, tap customer resources, continue to consolidate existing markets, and strive to expand export scale

traditional business parts have increased steadily. A total of 6.0142 million yuan of contracts have been signed with DT customers in Germany, which is currently in a stable state of delivery; New railway vehicle parts exported to the United States have been added, and a contract of 28.25 million yuan has been signed at present; The whole vehicle business is forming a new economic growth point. This year, 47 heavy trucks have been shipped to Ecuadorian customers, and 12 CKDS are under negotiation; Export 20 sets and more than 1 million yuan of accessories to Senegal; There are also more than 30 heavy trucks exported to Africa; The strategic cooperation relationship with Shanhe intelligent equipment group has been consolidated, and the sustainable development of Thailand's pile machine export project has been promoted

-- breakthroughs have been made in new customers and new markets. Through professional exhibitions, market visits and other channels, the company strengthens the development of emerging markets, focuses on finding powerful dealers, and strives to make breakthroughs in major customers and projects

progress has been made with the Pakistan electrode project, and a 29t electrode contract has been signed; Two Weichai engine sets were exported to Belgium, and the engine was exported to the European market for the first time; With the help of the Canton fair platform, a $750 rubber parts contract, a high-power generator set exported to Egypt and 17 heavy truck vehicle contracts were signed on site, with a total amount of more than 5 million yuan, and in-depth discussions were held with customers in Kuwait, Germany, Guinea and other countries on generator sets and vehicle business; Within one year after signing the strategic agreement with Tongli heavy industry, 10 Tongli wide body dump trucks were sold for the first time; At present, NORINCO is participating in the bidding of drill pipes, drill collars and drilling tools in Turkmenistan, India, Algeria and other countries; Beichuang signed 30 cw5 ore gondolas with an Australian company, marking the company's successful entry into the international high-end market for railway vehicles. We are trying our best to win the contract of hopper car and caboose in a country

from January to April, the company signed a total of 890 million yuan of civil goods foreign trade contracts, an increase of 57.9% year-on-year, and achieved a foreign trade revenue of 420million yuan, an increase of 9.4% year-on-year

based on the domestic market, down-to-earth achievements

in the domestic market, civilian products actively adapt to market changes by improving the marketing mechanism, innovating marketing means, refining marketing strategies, and improving brand influence, and do a good job in market development, so that market expansion becomes impossible and small markets become large markets

-- strengthen the development, maintenance and management of key customers. The company organizes quarterly visits to established strategic key customers to promote the expansion of cooperative business. We mainly visited Baotou Steel Group, Yitai group, Tongli heavy industry, Shenhua Group and other "strategic key customers" to promote the in-depth cooperation of strategic key customers

on the basis of the pre signed contract of nearly 60million yuan for the procurement plan of railway freight cars, permanent magnet motors, bulldozers, non-standard equipment, structural parts and other equipment and spare parts with Baotou Iron and steel group company, the group company has recently conducted business docking to further promote the scope and depth of cooperation between the two sides

according to the existing suppliers and supply prices of engine crankshafts, thrust rods, rubber elastic components, leaf springs, shock absorbers and other products, I waited for Chang'an group to conduct market research, and learned about the logistics and procurement process of Chang'an Co., Ltd

the company actively connected with Yitai group and other enterprises. On May 18, the company signed a strategic framework agreement with Yitai group

on May 22, the company signed the strategic cooperation agreement with Shaanxi Tongli heavy industry group

-- all subsidiary companies take the initiative to fight against difficulties and win the market by actively communicating and visiting users and providing in-depth services. Therefore, they should keep the status of samples and batch products basically the same process and other marketing strategies. After successfully being shortlisted as a class a supplier of PetroChina and Sinopec export specification report, NORINCO implemented the strategic agreement and class a suppliers to turn them into real orders. While trying to ensure the traditional mainstream market and key customers, we will continue to vigorously explore new markets and customers with market potential and expand our business to coal, coalbed methane, shale gas and other fields. From January to April, we signed a sales contract of 300million yuan, an increase of 7.4% year-on-year

-- breakthroughs have been made in new business development, which has become the subsequent new economic point. In the emerging business sector, the new 4 × 4 special off-road vehicle, multifunction 4 × 4. The armored transport vehicle is delivered to the user smoothly. New 4 × The smooth delivery of the 4 series of models marks that the company's wheeled products have expanded the field of new equipment, and also laid a solid foundation for more orders in the future

the multifunctional crawler type special fire fighting equipment with independent intellectual property rights developed and produced by the company has successfully entered the northeast forest fire fighting market, and seven fire engines have been delivered to users recently. At present, the greater Hinggan Mountains Forestry market is being actively explored, and breakthroughs have been made in the fire tank Market

opportunities and challenges coexist. Yiji group not only dares to face up to the phased difficulties, deficiencies and problems encountered in the company's operation, and actively respond to the pressure of the economic downturn, but also dares to "go out" to grab the market in the spirit of not afraid of hitting a wall and not afraid of hardship. In the case of low overall market confusion, through the implementation of a series of measures, it is gradually achieving phased results, especially the early market layout effect is beginning to appear, A number of bright spots have emerged against the trend, and civil goods foreign trade, procurement and logistics, northern wind and thunder, emerging sectors, etc. have maintained a good momentum of development

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