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Yiji group won another foreign trade order of 8.36 million yuan

Inner Mongolia Yiji Group signed a 31.3 million yuan hook body contract with the foundry company to improve the production, testing and recycling of carbon fiber, fabric, prepreg and composite products, and the fourth branch became the exclusive supplier of torsion bars for FAW military vehicles and the frontier defense force for high protection special vehicle equipment, The special technology and equipment company recently signed a large order for the production of vehicle parts with 8.36 million yuan with sev hualand company. The signing of this batch of foreign trade product contracts has laid a solid foundation for the production and operation of civil products of the company throughout the year

in recent years, facing the domestic market competition environment in a wide range of fields involving the national economy in the complex operation of international recycled plastic granulator, special technology and equipment companies have taken the development of foreign trade market as the main direction of attack, around the development of civil products market and product structure adjustment, constantly refine the responsibility positioning of civil products development, continue to improve the development mechanism of civil products in the top-level design, and constantly turn potential intentions into real contracts. At the same time, the company keeps a close eye on the changes in the vehicle parts market, resolutely strives for the share of foreign trade supporting the vehicle suspension system, and relies on the manufacturing technology advantages of stamping structural parts, based on the existing stamping products such as C-beams and saddles, deeply promotes the development of the international trade market, cultivates and develops fist civilian products with higher added value, increases the signing of foreign trade contracts, and continues to expand and strengthen the international trade market. Combined with the characteristics of process, equipment and product structure, the company promotes the adjustment of product structure with military civilian integration and military civilian coordinated development, and effectively promotes the development of new products

in 2017, special technology and equipment companies will make effective use of the surplus capacity of military products, closely focus on the automotive, railway vehicles, high-speed rail, and new energy vehicle markets, break the mindset dependence, break the work path dependence, and break the inertia dependence of military production, focus on foreign trade market development, and further strengthen the cultivation of core products of vehicle power assist systems and vehicle structures with the promotion of marketing model innovation, Strengthen the quality requirements of "specialty, precision, specialty and excellence" of products, improve the specialization of high-end industrial chain, and ultimately produce usable clean energy. The screening and analysis results of the first level of near-infrared show that the near-infrared qualitative analysis model can be used to identify and develop renewable plastics. Promote the continuous and rapid improvement of quality and efficiency, and provide a strong driving force for the future development of the company

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