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Forward looking prediction of China's ink industry becoming a powerful ink country

the output and sales volume of China's ink industry are particularly huge, but they have not really reached the level of a powerful ink country, but we must look forward to find a new way for the ink industry to become a powerful country

the ink industry research of the forward looking Industry Research Institute, "the analysis report on the production and marketing demand and investment forecast of China's ink industry in", pointed out that relevant enterprises should constantly improve their awareness of environmental protection, conscientiously implement the national standards issued by our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. to stabilize the indicators of various experimental machines, and the performance indicators formulated in the environmental protection ink standard, so as to speed up the transformation of the ink production environment to the direction of environmental protection, Strictly inspect and use the "incoming materials" of raw materials used in the production of environmental friendly ink, and increase the capital and technical investment of enterprises in the development of environmental friendly ink products

although China has become a big ink country in the world, it has not become a powerful country after all. Compared with developed countries, the overall level of China's industry still lags far behind. What is particularly prominent is the lack of influential large enterprises in the world, the concentration of production is not high, the most important part of the modern range tensile testing machine is the low degree of sensors, too little investment in scientific and technological research and development, too much low-level repeated construction, and the relative overcapacity of medium and low-end products. In the future, the competition among ink enterprises will not only be the competition of enterprise scale, but also the competition of comprehensive strength and core competitiveness. In the face of increasing labor costs, increased pressure on environmental protection policies, increased awareness of food safety and other difficult factors today, ink enterprises must rationally find new ways of sustainable development

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