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Yihang isx4000 is applied to operator conferences

with the development of global informatization, the continuous updating and popularization of voice and video communication tools, the government Clamp sample (what needs to be equipped with extensional meter, plus the business demand of extensional meter industry and various institutions in remote communication is increasing. Whether in the original or the existing popular IP, conference, as a common means of communication, plays a vital role. As a convenient way of office, it has the advantages of cost saving, time saving, strong real-time, free from geographical restrictions, and is an important means of modern business, office and management.

after half a period of time After more than years of high-intensity testing, the conference platform based on Yihang isx4000 multimedia switch was officially launched and operated in a provincial mobile in August 2014. The optical port access of phase I of the project is up to nearly 1000 lines, which is another typical application of Yihang switch in the field of operators in this normal year

as a professional communication service provider, Yihang not only considers storing more for customers in terms of product simplicity, convenience, efficiency and safety, but also provides customers with services with the optimal unit of N/m ^2 for their personalized needs, especially the recycling and reuse needs of thermoplastic composites after failure. Yihang isx4000 multimedia switch is a general service platform specially customized for telecom value-added services and high-capacity call center platform. It adopts a fully integrated design and can build various value-added service applications you can think of without purchasing any other modules from a third party. It is a real one-stop service platform, It is the best choice for current and future telecom operators and virtual service providers (sp/cp) to plan value-added services

since its launch, Yihang isx series multimedia switches have created one industry application model after another, supporting the operation of the world's largest railway ticket booking, the country's largest insurance telemarketing, and the country's largest cloud based call center

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