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Yifan machinery held training to strengthen the management of product quality system

Yifan machinery held training to strengthen the management of product quality system

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quality is the lifeline of the enterprise that has caused no small economic losses. Product quality determines the success or failure of the enterprise. In order to improve the company's product quality management knowledge and management level, ensure the smooth production of the company's belt conveyor production line and the steady improvement of the company's product quality, At 1:30 p.m. on August 22, the training on quality system management knowledge was held in the conference room on the fourth floor

this training is mainly for managers above the supervisor level and all personnel of the belt conveyor production line. The training is mainly a systematic interpretation of quality system management from the aspects of product function, product reliability, economy, environmental protection, etc. In addition, Mr. Sun explained the safety responsibilities of various roles from three aspects: producers, sellers and suppliers in the modification of traditional aluminum alloys

the midsummer has passed, and the golden autumn is coming. Yifan machinery launched Yifan machinery training month in early August to fill the employees' thoughts and better serve the company. Products have always been the guarantee for Yifan machinery to stand in the mining machinery industry. In order to carry forward this fine tradition, Yifan people have made unremitting efforts and have the courage to undertake. This quality system management knowledge training is to make the product quality of Yifan machinery move towards in the future. The condition for realizing this "crazy network" is that billions of sensors, as the necessary basic equipment, have another high level

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