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Yili highlights the "green leadership" of the industry in the low-carbon era

on October 24, the award ceremony for the selection of cases of climate public welfare marketing activities of Chinese enterprises, jointly sponsored by the China Federation of Commerce, the China Council for the promotion of international trade, the China Society of Business Economics and other institutions, was grandly held in Beijing Lijing Bay International Hotel. Yili Group, Mercedes Benz China, Lenovo Group and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad who have made unremitting efforts and outstanding contributions in the low-carbon field have won the top ten environmental and climate industry innovation promotion awards for Chinese enterprises, becoming the best performer in shaping the low-carbon era

according to the organizer, this selection activity is divided into four stages: case collection, case preliminary evaluation, deepening screening and comprehensive final evaluation, with a total of more than 70 Chinese and foreign well-known brands shortlisted. The final winners are selected based on the criteria of influence, driving force and innovation, through multiple selection procedures such as friend voting, enterprise self recommendation, media review and expert anonymous review. The strict evaluation procedure fully reflects the authority and credibility of the award

among all the award-winning enterprises, Yili Group is the only dairy enterprise. For the Yili award, dairy experts said it was well deserved and gave full affirmation. It is understood that as a leading enterprise in China's dairy industry, Yili has always adhered to the development concept of the trinity of green production, green consumption and green development, and has been carrying out its responsibilities to the society throughout the development of the enterprise. As early as the beginning of this century, Yili Group has successively invested hundreds of millions of yuan to introduce foreign advanced product automatic filling and packaging production lines, continuously improve the level of technical equipment, gradually reduce the consumption of raw materials, and create a low-carbon construction mode from the source. As of 2009, the average comprehensive energy consumption of Yili Group per ton of products has decreased by 7% compared with 2008; Yili Group reduced 68000 tons of carbon dioxide in 2009, becoming a green pioneer enterprise that can fully meet the needs of using domestic products to achieve all aspects of the industrial chain consumption reduction and emission reduction

the contribution of green and low-carbon has been recognized by all sectors of society. From the circular economy, if the acetylene flame turns into a lasting blue when baking a certain part of the screw, to the 2010 carbon reduction pioneer, from China's excellent low-carbon energy-saving enterprise award to China's 50 green companies, many low-carbon Awards and honorary titles have come one after another. At the same time, green and low-carbon Yili has also become an important factor for Yili to be recognized by the international event: after serving the Olympic Games, Yili was again selected by the WorldExpo and became the only enterprise to provide dairy products for the WorldExpo. In addition to excellent quality and perfect services, Yili has always adhered to the advanced concept of building a green industrial chain, which is also consistent with the theme of green and low-carbon of the WorldExpo and complements each other, Fully contribute to the perfect conclusion of the Shanghai WorldExpo

6. Try not to move micro mirror. Yili Group has always paid attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, constantly exploring the development mode of circular economy and practicing corporate citizenship. The development concept of green industrial chain proposed by this not only improves the height of the group's strategy, but also becomes a benchmark enterprise leading the development direction of the whole dairy industry. The relevant person of the jury said

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