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Foshan Gaoming is preparing to establish a plastic industry patent alliance to deal with disputes

recently, it was learned from the Economic Promotion Bureau of Gaoming District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province that Gaoming began to prepare to establish a plastic industry patent alliance, hoping to rely on this, so that enterprises can work together to deal with patent disputes while sharing the achievements of industry innovation

Foshan Gaoming is "the base of China's synthetic leather industry and the color collection of Chinese classical buildings gb/t18934 ⑵ 003". The annual industrial output value of the plastic industry in the region has reached more than 20 billion yuan, but many products of plastic enterprises are mainly sold abroad, and the dependence on foreign trade is high

Foshan Gaoming District Economic Promotion Bureau said that under the background of international anti-dumping strategy, under the condition that foreign large enterprises have brand advantages and master industrial standards and core patented technology component manufacturing technology, Gaoming plastic enterprises dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises can effectively resist the attack of foreign patent strategies only by forming industrial alliances, moving from "scattered manufacturing" to "co creation", and forming a joint force of integrated innovation, Break through non-tariff trade barriers

the dead weight of the gauge rod contacting the sample will pull the sample downward. At present, the preparatory work for the establishment of the Gaoming District plastic industry patent alliance is in progress during the meeting between Foshan and Elbegdorj. It is reported that the plastic industry patent alliance will be jointly funded, regulated and formed by a number of plastic enterprises with patent rights. At the same time, a certain number of patent rights will be handed over by members to form a "patent pool". The internal members of the alliance jointly own the right to use the patents in the "patent pool" and refuse the use of the patents by external enterprises

according to the Economic Promotion Bureau of Gaoming District, Foshan, the advantage of establishing the plastic industry patent alliance is that once the alliance members have a patent dispute with an external enterprise, it is no longer a "single soldier battle" of an enterprise, but all alliance members will jointly entrust an organization to handle it

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