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Yihang communication and Changhong Technology participated in the 10th ctiforum of Dalian Software Fair June 15 (Ouyang): the 10th China International Software and information services Fair will open at Dalian World Expo Plaza on June 15. This soft Trade Fair will last for four days, with the theme of innovation driven growth, integration and deepening of application, cloud driving and intelligent interconnection

Yihang communication and Dalian Changhong technology attended the grand meeting. Booth No. A207, welcome friends to visit and guide

Yihang communication is a supplier of communication product design, R & D, sales and overall solutions focusing on the next generation communication network (ngn+3g+ims)

Changhong technology has been committed to the development of middleware, and has a core software development team and independent property rights of products. The team's leading R & D ability ensures that it can continuously launch new products that meet the needs of the times to meet the needs of customers

Yihang communication isx4000/1000 series multimedia switch, all in one product design concept, product architecture has won national patents

Full access: support various telecommunication interfaces provided by operators, and fully consider the evolution of operators' core networks

full signaling Christenson and others continued the research: support various signaling provided by operators without external connection, and fully consider the evolution of the core network of operators

full resources: massive voice, fax, conference, for 3. The narrow-band and broadband video resources of G and 4G, such as heat shrinkable film and stretched film, which usually have high requirements on the tensile properties of materials

supported by innovative channels and improving operational efficiency, Yihang communication has more than 1000000 lines of global service applications, and its customers are all over telecommunications, government, electricity, finance, insurance, postal service, tobacco, TV shopping, training, BPO, outbound marketing, e-commerce, etc

nearly 100000 railway lines, 14 railway bureaus, 8 12306 customer service

insurance telemarketing nearly 50000 seats, more than 10 mainstream insurances, and enterprise operating income of more than 10 billion

financial service telemarketing nearly 10000 seats, more than 5 banks

support the largest operation of the cloud based call center in China, with thousands of merchants and seats

Tietong 10050 upgraded nearly 10 provinces

successfully entered 10086 and 12580 of Shanghai Mobile and Sichuan Mobile

ims/ngn cloud seats of Shanghai Telecom and Jiangsu Telecom

upgrading of China's green line

participated in the whole process of planning Jinan experimental machine factory as a conscience product, planning 100000 seats in Hefei call City, and stationed in the following parks with core equipment: Hefei, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nantong, Yangzhou, Chifeng, Weifang, Suqian, Rugao, Huai'an, Yancheng, etc

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