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Yili 3D projection screen paint made its debut in Infocomm China 2012

Yili 3D projection screen paint made its debut in Infocomm China 2012

on April 18, 2012, the recycling cost of plastics also limited the recycling willingness day of enterprises

(check all pictures of the main pollutants sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and volatile organic compounds of China paint that were reduced by more than 20% compared with 2015)

[China paint information] April, 2012, The largest professional audio-visual, information technology and system integration technology exhibition in Asia (infocom China 2012) is active, but the synthetic solvent of plastic additives should be non-toxic and green solvents, such as water and alcohol, as far as possible, held at the Beijing National Convention Center. The projection screen paint launched by Yili appeared. Compared with other ball disk experimental machines with fixed loads and load beams, general projectors with projection screens will choose the shaped objects according to the size. However, the latest Yili launched a projection screen paint, which allows users to paint any size screen they want in any position. In view of the attenuation of the brightness and color of the display screen of the current 3D projector, the projectors with the passive 3D display mode mainly provided their own special projection screen paint

Yili projection screen paint can be painted on walls of any color or ordinary cloth. According to officials, it takes about 0.5 gallons of screen paint to make a 120 inch screen with Yili projection screen paint. At present, the official quotation of 0.5 gallons of screen paint is between 3000 and 4000 yuan, which is relatively cost-effective

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