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Proper storage and precautions of paper

paper has strong moisture absorption characteristics. When the paper is damped, it will stretch and deform, and serious mildew spots will appear before the eyes, affecting the product quality. Therefore, the place where the paper is stacked must be clean, dry and well ventilated

when stacking paper, it should be padded with wooden frame, about 25mm away from the ground, and not too close to the wall

paper should not be placed with articles that are easy to deliquescence, otherwise it is easy to absorb moisture and deteriorate. For the paper without sizing, such as paper, straw board, box board, etc., in the rainy season when it touches more than 400 export production enterprises in Ningbo, attention should be paid to moisture prevention. In addition, if the paper is exposed to the sun, the white paper surface will turn yellow, the colored paper will fade, and the paper will become brittle, which is prone to cracking, so it is necessary to prevent exposure when storing the paper

generally, when the paper is above 38 ℃, its strength will decrease significantly. In order to better ensure the quality of paper, the relative temperature of the environment for storing paper should be controlled at about 75%. If the indoor (paper warehouse) temperature reaches 39 ℃, ventilation and cooling measures should be taken to prevent paper embrittlement and preheating

paper is also vulnerable to termites and other insects, so you should pay attention to inspection at ordinary times. The paper stacked for a long time should be turned over in time. If you find that the bottom plate is eaten by termites, you should replace it immediately

generally, the storage period of paper should not exceed one year. Even if the storage condition of paper is good, the paper will change color and deteriorate if it is stored for too long

if the paper is stored for two years, the coated paper will turn yellow and de powdered; The paper turns yellow and brittle; Color change and strength reduction of packaging paper; Yellow board and carton board will be moldy and deteriorated, etc. Therefore, all kinds of paper must master the principle of advanced selection when storing, so as to avoid deterioration and loss caused by storage for too long

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