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Deconstruction of carton enterprise competitiveness (Part 2)

subdivision competitiveness

improving the competitiveness of carton packaging enterprises requires not only the macro planning and support of the whole packaging industry, but also their own continuous exploration and efforts. Carton enterprises must pay attention to strengthening the market-oriented characteristic service consciousness, establishing and improving the modern enterprise system, strengthening the investment in technological innovation, and making full use of the local cultural background. Only by practicing their internal skills on the above points, China's carton enterprises are expected to establish and strengthen the competitiveness with their own enterprise characteristics in a broader and deeper field,

professional competitiveness

most carton packaging enterprises are small-scale, with poor specialization and low production concentration. For a long time, China's packaging industry has scattered investment, repeated distribution, generally small enterprise scale, low production concentration, far from forming economies of scale, and it is difficult to improve enterprise efficiency. For example, China's paper products packaging enterprises are relatively small, with an annual output of more than 20million square meters. Most enterprises are less than 10million square meters, and the total capacity of carton processing and production is higher than the current actual demand. This not only makes it difficult for enterprises to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs, but also because a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises compete for limited market share at the same time, they have to carry out "self mutilation" vicious price competition, bringing the whole carton processing enterprise into a dangerous environment. Therefore, the level of specialization is the key to improve competitiveness

product quality competitiveness

the long-standing problems of China's carton packaging enterprises, such as low-grade products, loose organizational results, weak development ability, have not been fundamentally solved, and they obviously lack competitive advantages compared with their foreign counterparts. Therefore, making quality, creating famous brands and improving product quality are the core competitiveness of carton enterprises. First of all, from the perspective of packaging product structure, the product technology content is not high, and the grade level is low. In particular, high-tech products and high-end raw materials cannot meet the needs of the rapid development of the national economy. On the one hand, some medium and low-grade products with limited market capacity and low technical content have excess production capacity, and products are overstocked; On the other hand, there is a serious shortage of high-tech, high-grade products and raw materials urgently needed by the market, and we have to rely on imports for a long time. In this case, the products should be actively developed in the direction of medium and high-grade, diversity and multi-color; Develop towards the popularization of easy transportation and storage; Focus on developing high-grade cartons and cartons with low gram weight, high strength and light weight, eliminate low-grade cartons and cartons, change the material structure, develop towards gift oriented, high-grade and medium-sized colorful packaging, actively develop all kinds of colored paper laminating cartons and all kinds of windowed packaging, and develop colored E-type and F-type fine corrugated cartons In the current market, some manufacturers will use trapezoidal lead screws to replace ball screws, color printing cartons, die-cutting linear cartons, etc. in order to save costs and obtain greater profits

innovative development competitiveness

at present, carton enterprises have less investment in research and development, low product design level and slow renewal. Due to the unreasonable existence of China's carton packaging industry enterprises, the mass production system based on professional association has not been formed, and the enterprises do not have enough strength to carry out large research and development investment, which seriously hinders the technological progress of the whole industry, resulting in slow product upgrading and weak competitiveness. It is understood that domestic packaging enterprises have won benefits. Generally, they invest relatively little in the research and development of new products, the upgrading of production equipment is slow, and the development capacity of new products and technologies is low

adhere to technological progress and continuous innovation. The continuous development of high and new technology will bring revolutionary changes to the carton industry. Therefore, enterprises should adhere to technological progress and innovation, and use high and new technology to improve enterprises. Special attention should be paid to the application of new technologies, processes and materials that are conducive to environmental protection and resource reuse. Therefore, carton packaging enterprises should take the initiative to eliminate backward equipment and processes, focus on improving quality, shortening cycle time, reducing costs, increase capital investment in technological progress, and strengthen technical reserves, so as to maintain the momentum of development, increase market share, and continuously improve enterprise efficiency

talent competitiveness

intensify efforts to cultivate and cultivate a strong high-quality talent team. In the era of knowledge economy, talents are the decisive factor. After joining the WTO, the talent competition will be more intense. Talent, concept, scale, efficiency, enterprise management and scientific and technological content have become the key factors that determine the success or failure of carton enterprises. Therefore, improving the employment mechanism, attracting, cultivating and retaining talents has become an unavoidable prominent problem in front of enterprises. We need to establish a creative team of high-quality management talents through training, recruitment, selection and other means, as well as a team of technological talents with both theory and experience, so as to provide talent support for the reform and development of carton packaging enterprises

informatization management competitiveness

give play to the late developing advantages and speed up the construction of jc623 (1) 996 carton enterprise information steel wire mesh frame cement polystyrene sandwich board. The general trend of global information development and the characteristics of the packaging industry require that Chinese packaging industry enterprises not only establish information resources of the whole industry, but also establish an information network for the automation and management of the production process of packaging enterprises. We should gradually build a packaging information system that is unified with the process of packaging modernization, and build a new pattern of education, scientific research and services that are compatible with packaging modernization and sustainable development. Packaging enterprises should focus on strengthening the construction of packaging information database, information network, data and information conversion project, packaging expert decision support system, enterprise information management system and corresponding supporting measures. This is also an effective shortcut for China's packaging enterprises to give play to their "late development" advantages, improve their competitiveness and narrow the gap with the same industry at home and abroad

scale competitiveness

establish a modern enterprise system, expand the scale of enterprises, and realize economies of scale. Carton enterprises should gradually establish a modern enterprise system, actively use the merger and reorganization of enterprises to achieve strong alliance and optimize the allocation of resources; In addition, it is necessary to concentrate advantageous resources to form a group of strong and hot enterprises that can achieve economies of scale and play an exemplary role in the industry. This can not only reduce production costs through large-scale production, but also further strengthen its dominant position in the carton packaging products industry. Moreover, these large-scale and hot enterprises can strengthen R & D investment and speed up the upgrading of products to drive the progress of the whole industry. Through the combination of strong and strong, the realization of economies of scale can further strengthen and consolidate the competitive advantage in their own industries. In addition, we should pay attention to gradually establish the unique core competitiveness of enterprises in combination with the different stages and characteristics of their own development

leading competitiveness

always standing in the leading position of technology, closely sensing the development trends of the international industry, is one of the components of the competitiveness of carton enterprises. At present, we vigorously support green packaging and actively develop characteristic packaging. China should take the opportunity of joining the WTO to formulate policies and regulations for green packaging in the whole industry, guide and support green packaging products and enterprises, and gradually eliminate packaging products and enterprises that do not meet the standards. This also provides a good opportunity for carton enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. Vigorously developing green packaging is a shortcut for carton packaging enterprises to give full play to their late development advantages and catch up with today's packaging trend; With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards by adding gaskets between the oil collector and the pump body, people's needs are also diversified, and the specialization and diversification of commodity packaging are becoming more and more important. Vigorously developing characteristic and flexible packaging can not only meet the diversified and characteristic needs of consumers, but also strengthen the competitive advantage of Chinese packaging products industry enterprises

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