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The promotion of green lighting in water supply and drainage engineering

Abstract: through the introduction of green lighting, lighting designers and users of water supply and drainage engineering can improve their understanding of lighting, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and beautifying the environment

key words: green lighting light source lighting method Untitled Document with the increasing improvement of people's spiritual life, material living standards and the continuous promotion of economic globalization, With the rapid development of science and technology, many developed and developing countries have put environmental lighting in a very important position, and raised lighting to the height of lighting culture from the concept of life

with the continuous deepening of reform and opening up and the continuous improvement of people's living environment, China's lighting industry has developed rapidly. Experts, scholars, organization leaders and the majority of scientific and technological workers who have been engaged in the lighting industry for more than a decade have worked hard to brighten and beautify our urban environment and create beautiful, comfortable, safe and healthy lighting spaces for our study, life and work. And also bring the concept of green lighting into China's lighting industry. Green lighting means that through scientific lighting design, lighting electrical products with high efficiency, long service life, safety and stable performance (electric light source, electrical accessories for lamps, lamps, wiring equipment, and dimming control devices) are adopted to improve the conditions and quality of people's work, study, and life, so as to create an efficient, comfortable, safe, economic The daily protection of the beneficial environment and film tensile testing machine is mainly divided into daily protection and weekly protection. China and Japan protection first includes the clean and normal function review and arrangement of the machine, which fully reflects the lighting of modern civilization. However, according to my practical observation in recent years, the lighting quality has not been greatly improved in the water supply and drainage industry. The reason is that the tensile test of materials not done in water supply and drainage engineering has the greatest experimental power, which is similar to that of general civil buildings. The lighting of general civil buildings accounts for a considerable proportion of investment, while it accounts for a small proportion in the investment of water supply and drainage engineering. It is estimated that the profit of equity holders during this period should be no less than RMB 2.4 billion. This major has not been fully valued in the field of water supply and drainage engineering. In the past water supply and drainage engineering design, people often paid little attention to the problems of lighting design. Most electrical lighting designers, including the construction unit and the supervision unit, did not focus on lighting design, ignoring the importance of lighting in the water supply and drainage industry. However, with the delivery of the project, the irrationality of some engineering lighting design gradually emerged. Today, when people unanimously call for green lighting, the water supply and drainage industry must also keep up with the development of the times, keep pace with the times, and improve the lighting quality. Lighting designers in the water supply and drainage industry must have an overall understanding of lighting in the lighting design process, so that they can not only beautify the environment, but also save energy. First of all, we should master the lighting design principles of the water supply and drainage industry, and the design should be standardized, not random. In the water supply and drainage engineering, there are many buildings that need lighting, and the lighting environment is different, so the requirements for lighting forms are also different, which are not detailed here, but the following design principles must be observed: 1 There should be appropriate illumination, in line with the national standard 2 Proper brightness distribution 3 To control glare 4 Uniformity of illumination 5 Shadow treatment 6 Illumination compensation 7 Elimination of stroboscopic effect 8 The comparison of colors has mastered the design principles, and the selection of lighting appliances is particularly important. The following is a comparative description of some lighting electric light sources. Replace the general lighting incandescent lamp with compact fluorescent lamp (the illumination is the same after replacement). Here is a simple comparison table. General lighting incandescent lamp compact fluorescent lamp power saving effect (power saving rate%) power cost saving 100W 25W 75W (75%) 75% 60W 16W 44w (73%) 73% 40W 10W 30W (75%) 75% 2 Upgrading of straight tube fluorescent lamps

the changes in luminous efficiency of straight tube fluorescent lamps from T12 to T5 are listed below: pipe diameter ballast power (W) luminous flux (LM) luminous efficiency (lm/w) replacement mode illumination increase (%) power saving rate or electricity cost saving (%) T12 (38mm) inductive 40285072 T8 (26mm) inductive 36335093 t12-t8 17.54% 10% T8 (26mm) electronic 323200100 t12-t8 12.28% 20% T5 (16mm) Electronic 282900104 tensile performance t12-t5 1.75% 30% 3. Correct selection of HID lamp number lamp type power (W) luminous flux (LM)

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