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The promotion of the top ten industrial robots to the aluminum processing industry

original title: the promotion source of the top ten industrial robots to the aluminum processing industry: Swan Aluminum Co., Ltd.

industrial robots may be familiar to everyone, but for the top ten industrial robot brands in the world, there are really not many people who can say it all. This is not, * the world's top ten robots that have recently been released. Let's take a look at


abb group, located in Zurich, Switzerland, was formed by the merger of Sweden's ASEA company and Switzerland's bbcbrown Boveri company in 1988. ABB Robot products and solutions have been widely used in welding, assembly, handling, spraying, finishing, packaging and palletizing in many industries, such as automobile manufacturing, computer and consumer electronics


Xinsong is a high-tech enterprise focusing on Robotics and automation technology and committed to digital equipment manufacturing. It has developed in industrial robots, intelligent logistics, complete sets of automation equipment, clean equipment, laser technology equipment, rail transit, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, energy equipment, special equipment and intelligent service robots, and has become a large robot industrialization base in China


Kawasaki heavy industry is a Japanese enterprise, which has sold more than 50000 industrial robots of all kinds internationally. Kawasaki robot provides a variety of robot products on the logistics production line, and has very considerable sales in various fields


Comau was founded in 1976 and is headquartered in Turin, Italy. As early as 1978, KOMA developed and manufactured a robot, named polarhydraulic robot


Epson robot is widely used in all aspects of the manufacturing industry. Through a series of optical elements, the gap outline of the tested sample is clearly projected onto the projector. In 3C Electronics (computer, communication, consumer electronics), medical, food fully automatic spring experiment mechanism keys are suitable for all kinds of spiral springs, tension springs, compression springs to do stretching and shrinking experiments, solar energy, industrial manufacturing and other industries, Epson robot can be seen. Such as assembly, machining, testing and handling, transposition thinking, packaging, array, distribution, locking screws, welding, labeling, lamination and other processes


stauber group, headquartered in PF ä ffikon, Switzerland, was founded in 1892. It is a world-renowned enterprise that maintains a leading position in the three fields of textile machinery, industrial quick connectors and industrial robots

Nachi bueryue

Nachi bueryue company was established in 1928. Its headquarters is located in Japan, and the robot part is one of the key parts of the company. At first, it was a manufacturer of robots for Toyota production line in Japan, specializing in large-scale handling robots, spot welding and arc welding machines, gluing robots, LCD board transmission robots for dust-free rooms, semiconductor chip transmission robots Special robots used in harsh environments such as high temperature and robots and mechanical arms supporting precision machines


Yaskawa motor currently mainly includes four business divisions: drive control, motion control, system control and robot. YASKAWA Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. ranks among the "four families" of robots in the world and has become a veritable representative of Japan's advanced manufacturing industry

KUKA is located in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany. It is one of the industrial robot manufacturers. KUKA's customers are mainly distributed in cars, which means that it can only be sold to the limited market industrial field at a lower price. As one of the providers of industrial robots, it is a technological pioneer in the robot field, KUKA robot is praised as "innovative generator" in the industry. KUKA has attracted a lot of Chinese attention after being acquired by Midea.

FANUC Fanuc company, also known as FANUC company, is an enterprise with strong strength in research, design, manufacturing and sales of numerical control systems in the world today. It is the world's largest manufacturer specializing in the production of numerical control devices, robots and intelligent equipment

now, industrial robots are assisting more and more industrial aluminum processing equipment. Parker machine took the lead in embedding industrial robots into its high-speed machining center series of equipment, which set off a boom in the industrial aluminum processing industry. With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, it is believed that industrial robots will be more closely tied with the industrial aluminum processing industry in the future, realizing from intelligence to assembly line

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