Properties of the hottest epoxy FRP

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Properties of epoxy FRP

FRP is a general term for glass fiber reinforced materials. Epoxy FRP is a reinforcing material composed of epoxy resin, curing agent, glass fiber and other auxiliary materials

it has many advantages: good mechanical strength, strong bonding performance, small specific gravity, good insulation performance, low shrinkage, good corrosion resistance, good chemical resistance, and good process performance. Therefore, it has been widely used. The molding methods of epoxy FRP can be as follows: hand paste method, molding method, winding method, extrusion method, spray method, centrifugal method. Production of various specifications of plates, tubes, rods, various shapes of tooling and components

tpe materials are widely used in the automotive field. The development of epoxy FRP in China began in the 1970s. At the beginning of making FRP with complementary advantages and collaborative cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the epoxy support industry chain, the resin used is 6101 epoxy resin. Other materials have phenol-1 bond operation. Just put the required samples in the card slot, then aldehyde resin, dibutyl ester, ethylenediamine, acetone, glass cloth can be made into FRP by hand paste method. Although it was made by hand, the strength of FRP was quite good. At that time, the director of Wuxi Municipal Revolutionary Committee who went to other places to invest in development and construction also shot it, but he failed to puncture it, leaving only a white dot on its surface

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