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Properties and uses of cellulosic plastics

cellulosic plastics are one kind of thermoplastics. It is formed by chemical treatment of natural polymer compounds, adding various additives, and physical modification


cellulose plastic has the advantages of good transparency, high hardness, strong mechanical strength, high gloss and good dimensional stability. The wire core can be completely cleaned of moisture and oil on the surface by preheating at too high temperature before extrusion. In addition, it has excellent weather resistance, electrical insulation, chemical property and heat resistance. Therefore, cellulose plastic is one of the strongest plastics that can be used to manufacture various bio based chemicals and materials (including plastics)


cellulosic plastics are mainly used for process production in various fields, such as molding, blow molding, machining, injection, extrusion, etc. Moreover, cellulosic plastic can be used as raw material to make fast charging and discharging drugs that can be confirmed by doctors to be 30C. Sanitary products, stationery, packaging film, camera parts, military safety glass, daily necessities, radio shells from scratch, military products, electrical insulation parts and automobile windshields are widely used

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