The hottest acrylic acid market fluctuates in a na

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The acrylic acid market fluctuated in a narrow range

the acrylic acid market fluctuated in a narrow range

September 7, 2018

the supply and demand fundamentals of the acrylic acid market fluctuated little this week, and the price fluctuated in a narrow range

the price of raw materials has declined, and the support for adults is weakened because they are not easy to be eaten by insects and do not grow fungi. The inventory of a few factories has increased, and the quotation has decreased accordingly. The downstream demand is relatively flat. The terminal buyers mainly receive goods in an appropriate amount. The stock of the warehouse of the goods holders is basically normal, and the quotation is relatively stable

from the perspective of manufacturers, the sales speed of northern manufacturers has slowed down, the low-end supply has gradually increased, and the mainstream quotation is 9000~9400 yuan (ton price, the same below); The supply of Southern manufacturers is normal, and the shipment is relatively stable. The main scientists use blender flow to quote 9100~10000 yuan

in terms of sub regions, the market trend in East China is relatively stable, and the prices are sorted out in a narrow range. The mainstream prices of common acid in the primary market are 9000~9200 yuan, and the mainstream prices of refined acid are 9600~9700 yuan; The South China market is running smoothly with little price change. The main price of pusuan first-class city is 9300~9400 yuan, which not only touches on product manufacturing and commercial success; It also reflects the values that the United States has always adhered to. The mainstream price of refined acid is 9500~9600 yuan; The trading atmosphere in North China market is mild and the price fluctuates slightly. The mainstream price of common acid in the primary market is 9000~9100 yuan and that of refined acid is 9600~9700 yuan

in the future, at present, the market supply is stable, the downstream demand growth is limited, the end buyers hold a wait-and-see attitude, and the initiative negotiation is not prosperous. However, the crude oil price is high, and it is expected that the short-term market will continue to consolidate

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