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Luoyang north glass: one order has three records

recently, it was learned from Luoyang north glass technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "North Glass") that the company recently received an order for glass tempering equipment from Germany, which will produce three records: the design volume of the glass tempering equipment processed this time is the largest in the world, and the design and production capacity is the strongest in the world, At the same time, this is also the highest unit price of export contract in the history of Beijing glass

in recent years, oversized glass has appeared in more and more high-end buildings, but limited to technology, the glass size in these buildings is difficult to be larger. Lijiqiang, head of International Sales Department of beige glass, introduced that in production, the larger the glass is made, the easier it is to have optical deformation, and the more difficult it is to control its precision. The glass tempering equipment manufactured according to the order will produce a length of 16. 5m, width 3. 4 meters of oversized glass. The current industry record for oversized glass is 6 meters long and 3 meters wide. 3 meters

it is understood that the glass tempering equipment to be produced by North glass not only has the strongest design and production capacity in the world, but also has the largest design volume in the world with the promotion of the above-mentioned thin electrical appliances, representing the top level of the world's glass tempering equipment manufacturing industry

the German sedak company that cooperates with beige this time also has a strong background. This is a company specializing in the production of high-end building safety glass. Seele, its parent company, used to be the only supplier of apple, and has 14 branches worldwide. Its business scope covers the field of high-end building projects. Its landmark buildings include the fifth largest apple flagship store in New York and the Central Bank of Frankfurt, Germany

in addition, the bidding of German sedak company for tempering equipment has attracted many well-known glass tempering equipment manufacturers in the industry. In the end, North Glass won the bid by relying on advanced technology and excellent quality, once again establishing its leading position in the glass tempering equipment manufacturing industry

the project has now entered the design stage, with a recycled pavement area of 386000 square meters. It is expected that a glass tempering equipment breaking the world record will be available in the first half of next year

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