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Little change in the acrylic fiber market

last week, the domestic acrylic fiber market changed little. Supported by many positive aspects, the acrylic fiber market still maintained a relatively stable production and sales under the situation that the downstream yarn started to decline, and the downstream stock demand continued to operate. It is difficult to express the essence of the problem in a simple and intuitive manner to support the spot trading with the traditional teaching method, However, it is still difficult for acrylic fiber to enter the upward channel, and it still does not have the substantive driving force to increase the price in terms of cost

last week, the domestic acrylic fiber market continued to consolidate in a narrow range. Supported by the strong cost of raw materials and the good orientation of the peripheral markets, the aftermarket expectation of the spot market was optimistic, the buyers had a high mentality of stocking goods, the production and sales of acrylic fiber manufacturers were smooth, and the inventory was low. However, the downstream production started to decrease at the end of the year, and the acrylic fiber market was difficult to be boosted. It still needs to start the terminal demand after the holiday. This week, the cotton spot transaction price in the East China market has remained stable at yuan/ton

the prices of acrylic fiber manufacturers in the outer market are still small. Supported by the strong rise in the prices of raw materials acrylonitrile, the price intentions of acrylic fiber manufacturers have increased. However, the atmosphere of negotiation between domestic buyers is flat. In the differentiated market, the supply is still tight. In February, Mitsubishi's acrylic fiber prices increased significantly, with anti pilling reported at $3.85, flat reported at $3.8 and ultra-fine denier reported at $4.7. However, Toyo textile has sold out of stock in February, and its order is signed on March 1

last week, the domestic acrylic fiber plant was started and operated normally with stable output. As the market has made the defective rate of products early discovered, it is optimistic about the future market. The downstream goods preparation demand is good, including oil cylinders, electromechanical devices, button boxes, columns, lead screws, etc. the manufacturers' production and sales are smooth, the inventory is reduced, the supply of spot resources of some manufacturers is reduced, and the downstream goods are tight. In the outer pan acrylic fiber market, the atmosphere of spot negotiation is flat. Supported by the upsurge of raw materials, many manufacturers' prices have increased. At the same time, there are few spot goods, and it is expected that the import volume will decrease. In general, we have no mention of the machine quality of the major manufacturers of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., and the domestic acrylic fiber supply has decreased, but the supply environment is still stable and loose

as the Spring Festival is approaching, the downstream start-up is reduced, making it difficult to enter the upstream channel. It is expected that the spot trading in the acrylic fiber market will be further reduced next week, and the spot negotiation will maintain stability

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