The hottest active RFID market will increase rapid

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The active RFID market will grow rapidly before 2016

recently, IDTechEx released a report entitled "business case of active RFID", which pointed out that the tag is listed in 2 The market of active RFID system with poor jaw quality will grow rapidly. The market for active RFID systems will grow from $550million in 2006 to $6.78 billion in 2016. ABI resea Suining lithium battery and new materials achieved a total output value of 1.59 billion yuan. A recent report on RFID solutions for airports and national defense also pointed out that by 2011, when lithium-ion batteries, solar cells, fuel cells, etc. will be exempt from consumption tax, the market for active RFID will exceed 2billion US dollars. The report points out that active RFID has a broad market prospect in maintenance

abi's research director Michael liard pointed out that RFID can provide real-time tracking and identification, so it can meet the needs of maintenance. Through the use of RFID, the post maintenance can be changed into predictive maintenance

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