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At present, a new type of scientific and technological environmental protection material - activated carbon fiber, with its high-efficiency adsorption performance of rapidly adsorbing formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic and harmful gases in the air, is becoming more and more widely concerned about the ratio of diameter D to h0/d

activated carbon fiber is known as one of the most advanced environmental protection materials in the 21st century. It enjoys the reputation of "black gold" and is internationally recognized as a "drug addict". As a new generation of functional adsorption materials, especially activated carbon fiber modern home textiles developed with special processes and production technologies have brought new enjoyment to people's life. Recently, I interviewed Wang Tonghua, a professor and doctoral supervisor of the school of chemical engineering of Dalian University of Technology who has been committed to the research of activated carbon fiber for many years, and Zhou Jian, chairman of Jiangsu Tongkang Activated Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., the first company in China to successfully apply activated carbon fiber to modern home and many fields

drug addicts can quickly absorb harmful gases

host: in recent years, people have paid more and more attention to environmental protection, and activated carbon products have been applied in the field of life. What is the difference between activated carbon fiber and activated carbon

wangtonghua: activated carbon is a granular (GAC) carbon adsorption material made of carbon containing materials with black appearance, developed internal pore structure, large surface area and strong adsorption capacity. Activated carbon fiber (ACF) is prepared from carbonizable organic fibers such as viscose fiber and polyacrylonitrile fiber through low-temperature carbonization and high-temperature activation. It has developed microporous structure and excellent adsorption performance. Therefore, activated carbon fiber also becomes "filamentous or fibrous" activated carbon. It is a substitute for the existing granular activated carbon and a new generation of functional and efficient carbon adsorption materials

activated carbon fiber has well-developed micropores, uniform pore size, almost all of which are effective pores distributed on the fiber surface, and the effective adsorption area is as high as 1000 ~ 2500m2/g, several times that of activated carbon. The effective adsorption capacity of activated carbon fiber is more than 10 times higher than that of granular activated carbon (GAC). Therefore, activated carbon fiber has strong adsorption capacity, fast adsorption and desorption speed, and has good adsorption capacity for low concentration or trace toxic and harmful gases

carbon fiber series products are available in a wide range of application fields

host: how about the research and development of activated carbon fiber technology in the world at present? How about activated carbon fiber technology research and industrialization in China

wangtonghua: the research on activated carbon fiber began in the 1960s, and the industrial production of activated carbon fiber has been realized in the early 1970s. At present, Japan, the United States and Russia maintain leading positions and advantages in the production and application of activated carbon fibers, and have widely applied activated carbon fibers in many fields of social life

in China, the industrial production of activated carbon fiber began in the 1990s. At present, there are only more than 10 enterprises that can normally produce activated carbon fiber in China. Compared with other countries, there is still a big gap in the R & D and application of activated carbon fiber in China, especially in the industrialization and application of activated carbon fiber technology

in recent years, activated carbon fiber production enterprises in Jiangsu, Liaoning and other places in China are still at the stage of process experiments. In particular, Jiangsu Tongkang Activated Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. is one of the representative enterprises of activated carbon fiber in China. It has successfully developed a series of activated carbon fiber products, especially the viscose based mesoporous activated carbon fiber, which has realized industrialized production, It solves the problem of single variety of activated carbon fiber in the domestic market and fills the domestic gap

Moderator: as a new generation of functional adsorption materials, what breakthroughs have been made in the development and application of activated carbon fiber products in China

Zhou Jian: at present, the application of activated carbon fiber products in China is mostly concentrated in industries and other fields. Jiangsu Tongkang company is the first company in China to develop activated carbon functional household products in the field of modern home furnishings. At present, the company has successfully developed a series of activated carbon fiber products for modern family rooms, such as activated carbon fiber quilt, pillow core, health pad, curtain, cushion, pillow, insole, knee and elbow pads, car seat cushion, activated carbon fiber baby bed series, etc. through the use of these activated carbon fiber products, the toxic and harmful gases in the indoor air can be effectively removed to help people improve their quality of life

household escape protection articles made of carbonized fireproof fabrics

host: it is understood that activated carbon fiber has flame retardant function. What is the situation of Tongkang company in using activated carbon fiber to develop flame retardant products

Zhou Jian: the development of new fireproof fabrics involves not only textile processing, but also new materials, new functions and new products. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt innovative thinking, innovative methods and innovative technologies, and to jointly tackle key problems in textile, materials, chemical engineering and other disciplines

in recent years, Tongkang has worked closely with famous universities and scientific research institutes in China to develop and successfully develop a new type of carbonization proof LCD screen that will display PC control. The fabric takes viscose fiber as raw material and is impregnated and carbonized to form a carbonized fire-retardant fabric with permanent fire-retardant function and effect. The carbonized fire-retardant fabric developed with activated carbon fiber is a kind of fire-retardant fabric with special function. Unlike ordinary fire-retardant fabrics, it will not weaken its fire-retardant function with the increase of long-term use and washing times. It is recognized as a new generation of decoration Decorative flame retardant protective products

at present, the annual output of functional fabrics of carbonized fire-proof fabrics of Tongkang company has reached 180000, and the self-made test form mode is available; M, obtained 10 patents for carbonized fireproof fabrics and obtained corresponding intellectual property certificates. In addition, Tongkang also cooperated with Nantong University to develop carbon fiber fire retardant materials, special protective fabrics, protective clothing, fire blanket, etc. In particular, the new carbon fiber household fire-extinguishing blanket can be used as a protective object for escape in case of fire emergency. It is not only a fire-fighting tool, but also an escape protective appliance, which is more suitable for family backup

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