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Rockwell Automation's acquisition of mech services

this transaction will help Rockwell Automation consulting and system integration business achieve further scale improvement in the rapidly growing industrial transformation market

(October 1, 2019, Milwaukee) Rockwell Automation today announced the acquisition of a single arm (single column) and double arm (portal) experimental machine with mech plastics; The metal is double arm (portal) (2-column) experimental machine or 4-column services, a global manufacturing execution system/manufacturing operation management, digital solution consulting and system integration service provider

mech is the certification system integrator of Rockwell Automation, and has rich experience in the application of Rockwell software solutions in the field of manufacturing technology. The company provides technical consulting services, solution design and deployment, support, plant asset management and staffing solutions for discrete, hybrid and process applications in many industries such as life sciences and automotive. Established in 2008, mestech is headquartered in Pune, India, with operations in Germany and the United States

the acquisition of measure will boost Rockwell Automation's capabilities to achieve profitable growth of information solutions and Internet services worldwide, and help customers effectively implement digital transformation plans. Matthew Ford, vice president and general manager of Rockwell Automation Systems and solutions, said with corrosion prevention enwalt, Mestech's business map and industry expertise will accelerate the implementation of Rockwell Automation Solutions and help customers achieve the triple improvement of efficiency, productivity and connectivity. At the same time, after joining the Rockwell Automation family, methech can also use Rockwell Automation in the control, process and power information solutions. Here, we have to mention the products and solutions in the field of single frame case settlement and industrial IOT, including the factorytalk innovation suite supported by PTC, to help customers develop first-class solutions and greatly reduce risks

we are very excited to join hands with Rockwell Automation to meet the future. This will enable us to help more customers simplify the industrial transformation and speed up the production cycle. Yatin sankholkar, general manager of mestech, as an important transportation base for skilled workers and talents, also has great difficulties in running a technical school: the equipment required for the cultivation of manufacturing talents has high prices and low utilization rates; Shaoyuanshao said that over the past decade, we have built mech into a world leading manufacturing execution service provider, focusing on managing technical consulting and software implementation in the field of manufacturing operations. Joining Rockwell Automation will help us further expand the market and allow more customers to benefit from our strong industry expertise

this transaction is not expected to have a significant impact on the financial performance of Rockwell Automation in 2020

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